True Influence Announces a No Layoff Pledge, Challenging Companies to Stop the Downsizing in the Marketing and Advertising Community During the COVID-19 Crisis

In an effort to support its employees, as well as the marketing and advertising community,  True Influence has pledged to have no layoffs for 90 days as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Hundreds of employees globally are able to continue their jobs from home while remaining committed to providing their customers with the best support possible.

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Brian Giese, True Influence CEO issued a challenge to other companies in the marketing and advertising industry via Twitter saying, “I pledged to our hundreds of employees that our company will have no COVID-19 related layoffs for a minimum of 90 days while the world defends itself. I am also implementing salary raises to reward their inspirational work during this difficult time. I’m not saying this to impress you, I’m saying this to impress upon you that with so much downsizing caused by this pandemic, there is no more room for loss. If you are a leader, I ask you to look very carefully at your next steps and make your employees and your customers your most important priority.”

To adapt to doing business from a different perspective, both mentally and physically, Giese is leading his company each day to adjust best practices for handling this crisis by doing what is best for employees and customers.

The company is helping its customers adjust their business protocol in industries and geographies that have been hit hard by the COVID-19 virus. The True Influence customer support team is taking the lead to help their customers reprioritize their marketing efforts by recommending they pause affected campaigns until this crisis passes.

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Additionally, to further support customer programs, the company has evolved to a broader approach of addressing brand suitability which includes brand safety. The company has introduced sensitivity training for content writers, designers, and project leaders to help focus all communications, both verbal and visual, on positive positioning.

“We are focused on communicating factual information about the pandemic as well as positive thoughts and ideas for our employees to ease the stress,” said Giese.

In an effort to keep spirits up at the company and maintain an open line of communication, Giese sends daily emails with links to important COVID-19 facts and information, ideas for indoor family activities, and funny videos to lighten the load. Additionally, the company holds all-hands video conferences to check in with everyone and give updates and departmental video conferences several times a week, if not daily. Daily video conference check-ins are encouraged with all employees.

“We are working hard at this critical time to honor our commitment to our employees and our customers by making their emotional, physical and financial well-being our top priorities,” said Giese.

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