Ziflow Announces Spring 2022 Product Updates to Accelerate Creative Campaigns

Industry-first batch review capabilities launched to accelerate completion of high volume, fast turnaround creative campaigns

Ziflow, the leading creative collaboration platform, announced the global availability of its Spring 2022 product update. This update introduces industry-first features that help agencies and brands deliver exceptional creative work, faster.

With the explosion of demand for creative content, creative teams are under pressure to quickly deliver more assets for more campaigns without sacrificing quality. The features introduced in this product update focus on accelerating the completion of those creative projects.

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Batch review is a game-changer for creative teams working on high volume, short turnaround campaigns. Today’s campaigns often contain dozens if not hundreds of assets, all of which need review and approval. Having to review each of those assets individually is incredibly inefficient and puts huge pressure on campaign delivery. Batch Review solves this problem by grouping assets of all types together in a single review workflow. Reviewers can comment across all assets, and then make a single decision. This helps creative teams keep assets organized, review times shorter, and deliver large-scale campaigns faster.

Additional enhancements to the Ziflow platform include:

  • Improved dashboard performance – Increased speed and performance of the entire Ziflow platform accelerates the upload and sharing of large media assets, including video, as well as the display of those assets in the Ziflow Viewer for fast review and approval.
  • More integrations in Ziflow Connect – Creative teams work across many tools and apps to do their day-to-day work. Moving data between those tools is incredibly time-consuming and takes focus away from creative work. Ziflow has introduced Ziflow Connect, its own low-code/no-code integration platform that makes it easy to connect applications used by creative teams. Prebuilt integrations in Ziflow Connect now include monday.com, Jira and ClickUp.
  • Additional plug-and-play creative tool extensions – Designers and video producers work extensively in creative tools such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere and Final Cut Pro X. Ziflow has released extensions for each of these creative tools. Creative teams find it frustrating and time-consuming to continually jump into email, messaging platforms and other apps to get feedback on their creative work. They can now get feedback from Ziflow without switching away from the creative tools that they love.

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