MarTech Interview with Daniel Incandela, CMO at Reachdesk

Daniel Incandela, CMO at Reachdesk shares a few top of mind CMO best practices and tips in this catch-up:


Welcome to this MarTech Series chat Daniel, we’d love to hear about your marketing journey through the years, you’ve had some interesting stints at some of the best B2B-Tech companies, take us through the key highlights!

Thanks for having me! For me, it has always started with people. I’ve learned from some brilliant people and found incredible advocates that helped get me to where I am today. I am most proud of the teams I have led and former marketing colleagues that have become marketing leaders themselves. I specifically chose Reachdesk because of the quality of people. In terms of other highlights, I’ll try to pick some of my favorites:

  • Massive, global website and digital strategy overhauls. I got my career start in digital, leading initiatives like these is a considerable undertaking that requires talent, relationship building, being bold, and a little bit of luck.
  • I love to challenge myself to be more of a global marketer (that’s the anthropologist in me) and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the travel, relationship building, and projects that have crossed everything from events to content to websites to opening new markets.
  • B2B Marketing takes itself way too seriously, so I’ve enjoyed some projects that have broken the mold and been creatively rewarding. This includes developing video games to provide a better prospect experience, to working with a symphony orchestra to introduce an event and video, to hidden easter eggs on pretty much every website I’ve ever overseen.

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As Reachdesk’s new CMO, what are some of the immediate action points/goals you’d address (that you also feel new CMOs should address when taking over a new marketing stint?)

Establishing relationships, trust, credibility and a vision is a must for any incoming executive. Outside of that, the Reachdesk marketing team has established a competitive, strong foundation. This is a dream come true for me and it will allow me to help the team broaden into all areas of marketing, including building the brand, establishing new thought leadership, thinking about the customer experience in a new way, and pushing the envelope. We want to be the most loved B2B brand in the world.

What in your view should CMOs today be focusing more on in a marketplace that is full of digital noise?

Marketing starts with the story and it’s often overlooked or convoluted. We can avoid the noise by communicating with authenticity, simplicity, and passion…

As the role of a typical marketing team and the role of the B2B CMO undergoes change, what predictions do you have in mind for the future of these roles/teams?

Organizations are in desperate need of marketing to play a bigger role in the overall strategy of the company. Marketing sits at the heart of most strategic initiatives, but marketing teams are often viewed as the order takers or lead generators. Marketing itself is quite complex, so it’s on the marketing leader to push the company forward and shape the company’s vision. Today’s organizations have to consider a new type of hiring market, smarter competition, increasing numbers, and the need for a true company culture. The culture of a company is undergoing a massive transformation – something hybrid between an office and WFH – but also a more dispersed workforce. A company’s culture is its DNA and a leading indicator of success. The CMO needs to play a role in shaping this new experience – whatever that may be.

A few thoughts on how you feel martech as a segment will move in 2022? Also, a quick dive into the martech you’ve always relied on to drive your goals in your various CMO roles!

As long as marketers are being placed under more pressure to deliver demand and ROI, martech tools that can provide more intelligent data insights and automate demand generation strategies will be in high demand. This is shortsighted in my opinion since brand building and the overall customer journey of education, enablement, and experience are overlooked. I predict we’ll see a more complete CMO in the future; a leader focused on brand, culture, customers, and demand.

Lastly, here are my top ten thoughts, takeaways, digital marketing, and martech tips and best practices:

  1. Relationships are everything
  2. Check your ego
  3. Lead with data
  4. Serve your team
  5. Don’t copy the competition
  6. Be direct
  7. Be kind
  8. Take risks
  9. Marketing is more than demand
  10. Marketing should be fun!

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Reachdesk is a global, data-driven gifting platform that empowers companies to deliver moments that matter at scale. We help businesses build deeper connections by sending personalized and timely gifts to prospects, customers, and employees. Reachdesk’s technology seamlessly integrates into a company’s tech stack to gather actionable insights through an intelligent platform that creates better-informed gifting strategies.

Daniel Incandela is CMO at Reachdesk. A creative, strategic thinker, Incandela has more than 20 years of digital and marketing industry leadership experience. Incandela has led creative teams across myriad industries including the arts, sports and entertainment, sales, cloud and marketing automation, which has earned him industry awards and a designation on the prestigious Indianapolis Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 list. Incandela previously served as CMO at Conga, Return Path and Terminus, and held leadership roles at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, ExactTarget and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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