Ryan McAweeney Stays On Top of 2021’s Top Digital Marketing Trends

The past year has seriously changed the way digital marketing predictions have been made. That is because many of the predictions of what people would see didn’t end up happening. The COVID-19 pandemic played a huge part in changing how digital marketing trends emerged.

There has been a huge change in the way brands now connect with their audience. Over the past year, consumers are spending more time than ever on social media networks and making more purchases online. This has led Ryan McAweeney, a marketing insider, to look at digital marketing from a new perspective and discover new ways to stay on top of the trends.

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Live-Streams Bring In Viewers

People all over the country are using social media apps to tune into live-streams. Influencers are taking advantage of this trend and starting to promote products to their audience during their live streams. This form of marketing is smart because it allows viewers the opportunity to buy while they’re watching.

Missions With a Purpose

Another digital marketing trend that Ryan has noticed is that consumers are more aware than ever about goodwill campaigns that brands are organizing or sponsoring. Consumers are less likely to give attention to a brand that seems shady or doesn’t send a message of purpose along with their products.

Trusted Customer Service

Digital marketers need to be aware that consumers don’t easily trust brands. Many of them have learned from mistakes people have made online in the past and will not make a purchase anywhere until there is proof that the company delivers what they promise. It’s important not only to make sure the customer service is up to par but also to provide proof of that.

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Consumers Are Concerned About Sustainability

It’s no secret that the younger generation is concerned about climate change. Ryan has noticed that modern consumers have taken an interest in what companies are doing to be more sustainable. Whether its’ a change in how the company does packaging or the ingredients they use in their products. Taking steps towards a greener future is a smart move for any brand to make.

Inclusivity Is Essential

As social diversity issues have recently come to center stage around the world, it’s critical that brands expand their horizons. This includes representing their brand using a variety of spokespeople and striving for diversity in all things.

Final Thoughts: Ryan McAweeney Stays On Top of 2021’s Top Digital Marketing Trends

It’s important to focus on current marketing trends in order to help brands grow. Using outdated marketing tactics can leave a brand unnoticed with very little potential for increasing profits. Ryan McAweeney is one of the top digital marketing experts, and he is always one step ahead when it comes to marketing trends.