Sadie Ludwig Named President Of MediaBrains

Sadie Ludwig will lead MediaBrains’ expansion to help business-to-business publishers, marketers and advertisers grow their sales.

MediaBrains appointed Sadie Ludwig president of the digital-media firm, boosting the company’s management as it expands its services to publishers, marketers and advertisers.

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Ludwig rose through the ranks at MediaBrains since she joined the company in 2016, successfully leading marketing, sales and software-development efforts for the Naples, Fla.-based business-to-business media company.

“Ludwig is the ideal executive to lead our company and manage the rapid changes in technology so we can deliver cutting-edge solutions to our business-to-business publishers, marketing and advertising clients,” says Joe Buckheit, the CEO and founder of MediaBrains.

Since its founding 25 years ago, millions of professionals have trusted the MediaBrains business-to-business marketplace platform to simplify complex purchase decisions. MediaBrains helps buyers discover, evaluate and buy products and services using a platform of more than 100 industry websites to keep their businesses growing. Meanwhile, marketers rely on MediaBrains’ effective audience segments to reach their ideal customers throughout the buying journey and improve outcomes.

“The future of MediaBrains is data-driven,” says Ludwig. “Our platform gives us unique insights into the purchasing behavior of buyers through first-party data in more than 20 business-to-business markets.”

MediaBrains’ data on buying habits is incredibly valuable to marketers and publishers and it helps the company deliver solutions that create more effective marketing and sales campaigns by segmenting audiences. “Business-to-business buying is complex,” Ludwig notes. “Our first-party data helps us understand buyer behavior and create tools that enable buyers to make highly considered business-purchase decisions without burdening marketers with complicated programs.”

A native of Wilmington, Del., Ludwig is a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Fla., with a degree in marketing.

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