The Holy Grail of Marketing for Landscapers ebook has Arrived

Clear Imaging Has Officially Released a Comprehensive Guide to Internet Marketing, Tailor Made Specifically for Companies in the Landscaping Industry

Clear Imaging announced  the launch of their Holy Grail of Marketing for Landscapers free ebook. Its goal is to demystify the confusing subject of internet marketing for landscapers. It does this by organizing the subject into digestible pieces, with focus on the most vital, true information, without any filler or fluff. Best of all it’s free to download.

“You read lots of marketing suggestions on the internet, which people accept as fact.”, said Candace Leary, Clear Imaging’s Director of Marketing. “Things like: ‘Your company should be on Facebook. Your business should have a blog. You need to be making videos on Youtube for your company’, which is all well and good but how does one DO any of that; and what’s more, how does one do it RIGHT and keep it relevant to their business? That is why we made our Holy Grail for Internet Marketing. We wanted to boil it down to the key facts, so you can take the guide, read it, use it and get results.”

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The Holy Grail has chapters that cover a wide array of crucial marketing topics, from Social Media & Paid Advertising to Blogging, SEO, PR and much more. Although it is written specifically for individuals in the landscaping industry its information can be applied by any type of business that wants to attain a roadmap and a clear understanding of how to implement their own internet marketing strategy.

“Landscapers are busy people, they have projects to get done and crews to run. They may not have time to take online courses in internet marketing. However, in this day and age internet marketing cannot be ignored if you want to stay in the green and on top of the competition. So, with the busy landscaper in mind, we’ve presented complete examples on implementing tactics specifically for landscaper marketing. Social Media, SEO, Blogging, etc, all with the view of: “As a landscaper, how could I use this for MY business?”

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