Sales Managers Train New Reps Faster With Content Raven’s Sales OnBoarding, Assessment and Coaching Solution

Secure Content Platform Enables Video-Coaching, Live Assessments, and Custom Training for Sales Reps, Which Shortens the Learning Curve and Helps Reps Close Deals Faster

Content Raven, the modern sales enablement platform provider, announced the general availability of its sales onboarding, assessment and coaching solution. The new solution allows sales managers to onboard new reps quickly, easily assess reps’ skills and provide coaching on a flexible schedule, all within a single, secure sales content platform.

“It can take more than three months to train an enterprise sales rep before they become quota-closing deal makers,” says Joe Moriarty, CEO of Content Raven. “Sales managers need tools and resources to get knowledgeable reps into the field quickly. Our sales onboarding, assessment and coaching solution creates a learning and coaching culture in the sales organization. It makes training more effective, quickly turns reps into revenue producers, and even shortens sales cycles.”

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Content Raven’s solution is a single, secure content platform that provides enterprise sales teams with:

  • Single Platform Experience: The solution delivers training content, collateral, assessments and coaching in a modern, consumer-grade user experience across all devices.
  • Easy Sales Rep Assessments: Managers and peers can assess an individual’s knowledge and skills using custom grading criteria and rubrics.
  • Live Video Coaching: Users capture and submit live video and receive interactive feedback from peers and managers.
  • Advanced Analytics: Sales managers can measure user engagement, completion rates, drop-off rates, quiz and assessment outcomes, and trends in order to improve program performance.
  • Learning Paths: The platform delivers personalized, curated learning journeys using all content types, including assessments and video coaching.
  • Rapid Search: Sophisticated, easy-to-use search functions provide just-in-time, situational content when a rep needs it, delivering fast and easy access to the most recent messaging, pitches, pricing and collateral.

Content Raven is the industry leading secure content platform that helps enable enterprises to execute on their digital transformation strategy.

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