Attention C-Suite: 1 in 6 Employees are Wasting More Than One Workday Per Month Switching Between Communications Platforms

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NYNJA, the security-first, all-in-one communications platform for all mission-critical needs, released the results of a nationwide survey exploring the pain points that business professionals experience while working with multiple communication platforms and what they would like to see out of these platforms in the future. The nearly one thousand-person survey found that 17 percent of employees — or 1 out of 6 — say they waste more than 10 hours per month (more than one workday) switching between platforms. Further, business professionals are looking for fewer, more reliable, and comprehensive communication platforms so they can work more efficiently and use the time saved to spend with family and better their health.

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According to the survey, if using one communications platform saved an hour of time, 30 percent of respondents would use that time to be with kids or their spouse and 26 percent would use that time to take a walk or exercise. While most people (55 percent) would help kids with remote learning if it meant they were able to use only one communications platform, others would be willing to extend their commute by 30 minutes (31 percent), give up vacation days (9 percent), or give up 5 percent of their salary (5 percent).

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“Americans are overwhelmed by the status quo of workforce communication. They want fewer, more robust platforms that will simplify their work communications, instead of wasting their time navigating multiple tools,” said JR Guerrieri, co-founder, and CEO, NYNJA. “Our team at NYNJA is focused on centralizing all of the best communication features into one platform, including voice and video calling, large file sharing, chat, translation, and more to alleviate platform fatigue and boost productivity.”

Survey Methodology: The NYNJA-commissioned survey was completed via Survey Monkey and consisted of 992 qualified participants in the United States who use a computer and communications platforms for work. A total of 1434 participants were surveyed between June 3 and June 4, 2020, with the difference disqualified.

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