Healthcare Communication Company Releases Free Patient-to-Provider App for Real-time, Remote Communication

Pulsara Patient allows clinicians to instantly and securely connect with patients or their family members via live audio and video calling, a capability that is especially pertinent for outpatient medical isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic

Today, the healthcare communication platform company, Pulsara, announced the release of a new mobile application, Pulsara Patient. “Pulsara connects people in real-time to improve health. As the leading clinical communication platform, Pulsara is excited to expand our services to include members of the community: introducing Pulsara Patient,” said Dr. James Woodson, Pulsara’s Founder and CEO.

According to Dr. Woodson, the release of Pulsara Patient is especially pertinent as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, and will allow healthcare teams to:

  • Further mitigate or manage patient surge to healthcare facilities, which are becoming increasingly overwhelmed with potential and confirmed COVID-19 cases while working with limited resources and personnel.
  • Protect clinicians by allowing them to provide care without being exposed. Remote care via telemedicine also helps preserve Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Connect ALL members of the care team on a single, unified communication channel, starting with the patients themselves.

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Leveraging the power of mobile technology, the Pulsara Patient app provides an easy way for a patient (or their family member or power of attorney) to securely communicate with their healthcare providers during time sensitive emergencies or serious illnesses.

To enable live audio/video functionality with the patient or family, clinicians simply create a patient channel, add contact information for the patient or family member, and send a pre-populated message to the patient’s phone which prompts them to download the Pulsara app. From there, clinicians can initiate secure, live audio or video calls.

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Pulsara Patient works for any patient (with any condition) who has a smart device with good internet or cellular connectivity and who is comfortable using smartphone apps for either Android or iOS devices. Pulsara Patient can be used both for outpatients who need teletrigage or need to be connected with a clinician while in medical isolation, and for inpatients, where the patient’s personal device can be used to reduce clinician exposure in cases of infectious disease, for example.

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