Kaleyra Expands Integrations To Include Shopify, Hubspot And More

Kaleyra, Inc., an omnichannel business communications platform and one of Juniper’s top five global CPaaS leaders, announced it is rapidly expanding its integration portfolio to include partnerships with Shopify, Hubspot, CleverTap, Zoho, and WooCommerce. With enterprise businesses continuing to focus on digital transformation, integrations play an integral role in driving collaboration and business alignment. Recent surveys suggest that companies now use an average of 976 applications, with only 28% being integrated[1].

In simple terms, business integration involves connecting, automating, and optimizing key business processes that connect an organization with its constituents, from customers and suppliers to financial institutions. Each company uses a unique blend of applications, cloud resources, and other systems, with a wide variety of infrastructures subject to different security, compliance, and governance requirements.

As many as 67% of IT decision-makers said their organization has missed out on business opportunities due to a lack of integration, and 88% of CIOs shared that better integration will enable their company to increase revenue.[2] In response to this challenge, enterprise leaders are keen to help their customers bridge the gap by developing pre-built integrations. Kaleyra is no exception, and its integration portfolio has greatly expanded in 2022 with the addition of such platforms as Zoho, Hubspot, and Shopify. A robust 2023 pipeline will see WoCommerce and CleverTap online early in the year, with more to follow.

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Kaleyra’s SMS integrations allow businesses to start conversations with customers at scale using SMS messaging directly from their favorite software platforms, making it easier for them to launch and manage customized messages and re-usable templates to send promos, reminders and more all working to enhance the overall customer experience.

“As an enterprise communications leader, connectivity is in our DNA and we continually strive to help our customers engage with their customers in meaningful ways,” Dario Calogero, Kaleyra’s Chief Executive Officer, shared. “Our powerful integrations let enterprise businesses get more out of their technology platforms and get a bigger return on investment.”

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