Paris Deliver Announces the Industry’s First Programmatic Document Delivery Platform

Cloud-native platform simplifies, automates, and analyzes the transactional communication delivery process

SaaStr Annual 2022, Paris Deliver, the cloud-based document delivery service, announced the launch of the first programmatic communication delivery platform that handles both physical and digital transactional mail.

The pandemic has disrupted company operations across every industry. With more businesses operating across multiple offices and distributed at-home work environments, the need to securely automate and manage document delivery is essential to foster an agile work environment. Paris Deliver bridges the gap between print and digital document delivery by allowing organizations to outsource business-critical communications, like statements, letters, policies, and any other correspondence in an innovative, secure, and modern platform.

“Paris Deliver is revolutionizing and modernizing the way businesses manage and deliver their customer communications to physical and digital channels,” said Matt Robards, Founder and CEO, Paris Deliver. “Managing and maintaining internal print rooms or working with traditional print service providers needed to be shaken up. There needs to be a simpler and easier way for businesses to aggregate their outgoing communications, from one-off letters to monthly statement runs, using a single platform, and with full control and visibility of the entire process. That is what Paris Deliver does.”

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“By leveraging our company’s heritage in XLPrint, a leader and pioneer in the document production space for over 35 years, we learned that customers are looking for ways to drive costs and complexity out of the print rooms and streamline their communication delivery processes,” said Gerard Callaghan, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Paris Deliver. “Using that experience, Paris Deliver has been thoughtfully designed to give customers a friction-free experience and enable their business to scale with demand, while also providing greater choice in how communications are delivered to their customers.”

As a single platform for delivering all business-critical communications, the Paris Deliver Document Delivery Platform offers features that make physical and digital mail distribution simple, cost-effective, and secure. With SOC and GDPR compliance, the platform adheres to industry-wide security standards. Furthermore, the platform supports both modern business applications and traditional legacy platforms through the latest API technologies and emulated print processes.

With the Paris Deliver platform, users can achieve:

  • Seamless Printing – The Paris Deliver Previewer UI allows users to print remotely, directly from their computer or through enterprise applications (CRM, ERP, etc.) to have their documents delivered to the channel they choose. Ad hoc and one-off documents can be physically or digitally delivered by staff working in the office or remotely.
  • Secure Document Delivery – Documents are encrypted and protected using the latest technologies and business processes to ensure secure delivery. Batch and high-volume documents can be delivered through various channels based on consumer preference.
  • Full Analytics Visibility and Control – Users or managers have full visibility and control over what communications are sent and when, plus real-time analytics on the status of each delivery, including when they are delivered in the post, emails opened, etc.

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