PoliteMail Releases Corporate Communications Benchmarks for 10 S&P Industry Sectors

2020 Benchmark Survey Compiles Email Analytics Data from over Half-Billion Outlook Enterprise Broadcasts to Reveal The Reach, Frequency, Readership and Engagement Metrics for Corporate Communic

PoliteMail Software, a provider of email intelligence analytics for corporate communications, released the results of a comprehensive benchmark study of the effectiveness of over half-billion internal email broadcasts.

PoliteMail’s 2020 Benchmarks Data Report helps internal corporate communications teams build a data-driven email strategy.  The report provides average results across industry sectors, to help communications teams understand how email is utilized within the enterprise.  With data, communicators can increase employee readership and engagement with messages their workforce actually wants to read and respond to.

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The 2020 Benchmarks Data Report is based on aggregated, anonymous data from participating PoliteMail customers, which include twenty-seven percent of the largest employers in the U.S. who utilize the PoliteMail for Outlook product to measure and improve their internal corporate and HR communications.  The Benchmarks are further broken down by industry, according to the S&P Industry Sector financial indexes.

“Communications professionals tend to be strong writers and great creatives, but often struggle to back up their intuitions with objective data. Corporate executives expect a data-driven approach to all business processes and decisions. One way to deliver internal communications data is through accurate employee communications data from your in-place email platform that respects the privacy of your workforce,” said Michael DesRochers, founder and managing director at PoliteMail. “Our report provides insights regarding today’s primary enterprise communications channel, email. With over half a billion email communications to more than 5 million employees, we are able to identify the most successful patterns that can boost communication effectiveness and employee productivity.”

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Highlights of the report include:

  • Average email reach metrics including email open, ignore and attention rates.

  • Average email frequency, in the volume of messages and expected read-time

  • Average readership and engagement metrics

  • Variations by industry section. For example, Financial services organizations have the strongest reach and engagement metrics, while the healthcare sector sends at the highest frequency.

  • CommScores – which grade communications metrics on a curve.

“Internal communications professionals are constantly asking me whether their results are good or bad, or if there is a benchmark for ‘good’ internal email,” said Katie Paine, CEO of Paine Publishing and a founding member of the Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission. “Polite Mail’s annual benchmark data provides those numbers they need, not only to understand their own current performance but to also understand how to make their communications more effective.”