Premier Secure Encrypted Communications Platform Nynja Experiences Huge Uptick In Downloads And Traffic While Competitor Apps Slack AndWhatsApp Go Down With Service Issues

Nynja, a secure encrypted all-in-one communications platform, announced it saw a huge uptick in both new downloads and traffic among existing users over the last 7 days which it directly attributes to the service outages experienced by competitors Slack and WhatsApp. Newly released internal analytics demonstrate that while these other platforms went completely dark, Nynja became a viable alternative for communication among peers and co-workers which it believes will continue to trend as it grows its user base and consumers experience the many added features that Nynja offers.

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“Our technology leverages state of the art microservices that were designed to eliminate the possibility of single points of failure as well as provide geographically redundant service that is ready to pick up the load even if certain services become unavailable due to geographically isolated routing issues. So even if some routes become unavailable, there are numerous routing options that allow our network to be ‘self healing’. This provides continuity of services in all but the most extreme networking failures.” stated Nynja Chief Technology Officer David Jodoin.

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“Our messaging infrastructure was built with the most advanced “guaranteed delivery” mechanisms along with message ordering functions, so no matter the latency of the delivery, your chat sessions reflect the timing and completeness of your conversations each and every time. And if you have shared content via our system from sites such as Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram… You may be temporarily affected by not seeing the content until Facebook is able to resolve their issues, but at least know your conversations sharing that information within Nynja are safe, secure and will respond with that content as soon as those 3rd party services become available once more.” Jodoin further stated