Xactly Announces New Salestech App on Slack to Track Sales Performance

Xactly Debuts Industry-First Salestech App to Track Sales Performance Within Slack; Slack App to Enhance Transparency and Productivity Across Sales Teams

The leading sales technology platform for Sales Performance Management (SPM), Xactly has announced a key integration with Slack.

Xactly’s cloud-based SPM software will now sync with Slack to provide a first-of-its-kind app for every sales rep to track their performance within Slack using Xactly Incent.

This debut marks the beginning of a series of new functionalities and enhancements that Xactly will be rolling out on Slack’s platform in the months ahead.

At the time of this Slack-Xactly integration announcement, Arnab Mishra, Xactly’s Chief Product Officer said –

“Xactly is constantly striving to find new ways to reduce friction across large and complex sales organizations. Given that most sales teams today rely on Slack to stay connected and engaged, integrating Xactly Incent with Slack’s platform was a natural fit, creating a seamless user experience.”

Xactly Incent Dashboard

Xactly Incent
Source: Xactly Incent in Action

Xactly Incent is the leading sales incentive compensation management (ICM) software, which helps align sales rep behaviors with company objectives. The new Slack app will enable reps to monitor their commissions and quota attainment in a real time, directly in their Slack workflow, and submit queries when data errors appear, offering unprecedented visibility and efficiency.

The Slack app will provide sales reps with a new gateway to easily assess how they are performing. Since many teams already use Slack throughout their day, it’s an ideal channel for them to access relevant updates in one central place, at their fingertips, without having to lose time and context shift between tools. When it comes to commission inquiries, the app will enable faster and more efficient communication that can ultimately result in a more timely and transparent resolution.

“Our integration with Slack comes at a pivotal time when companies are more dependent than ever on sales teams to meet their numbers, and reps are looking for new tools to stay productive and motivated while working from home,” said Chris Cabrera, CEO of Xactly. “We are proud to combine our industry-leading data set with Slack’s world-class functionality to help businesses stay agile in a challenging and uncertain time.”

Currently, Xactly is delivering planning, execution, and optimization to ambitious and complex sales organizations. Xactly is partnering with the world’s leading enterprises to clear immediate sales roadblocks, enabling them to adapt with optimal sales capacity, territories, compensation plans and payment structures.

Harnessing the power of AI, Xactly’s scalable, cloud-based platform combines great software with the industry’s most comprehensive 15-year data set to give customers the real-world insights they need to improve sales performance across the board by growing revenue, reducing risk and containing costs. 

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