Squarespace Plugins Provider ‘Square Websites’ Announces Shift To Subscription-Based Business Model

The shift into a subscription model will provide users extended support and plugins functionality.

The Squares Websites is praised as the leading provider of Squarespace plugins, making website building and hosting easier than ever before, that too at affordable prices. With the plugins available at ‘Square Websites,’ users can use pre-built website templates and drag-and-drop elements available with squarespace.com to create and modify web pages without any hassle.

In lieu of the recent Squarespace platform change from 7.0 to Squarespace 7.1 sites, users are vulnerable to issues in import/export of collection. Thus, to further support the Squarespace users over the long term, ‘Square Website’ has announced to turn to a subscription-based model from product purchase model. This shift aims to empower the users to make the most out of the Squarespace platforms, which frequently undergo updates that require code changes to the plugins.

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According to the founder of Squares Websites, while the purpose behind frequent updates is to allow users to stay on the cutting-edge of Squarespace API technology, the product purchase model acts as a barrier to gain the utmost advantage of the updated platforms. Thereby, the subscription-based model will allow extended support for Pages and List Collections like Blog, Gallery, Album, Events, or Custom (Dev) collections, including content inside, all without fretting over the frequent changes of Squarespace platforms.

The founder further explained that the subscription-based model is also essential to bolster the connection with service end-users. “The prime vision behind the subscription-based model is to provide support to our users. Additionally, to keep plugins functioning adequately, there are ongoing costs we must share with our worthy customers, which this payment model makes easier to do.”

In this new subscription-based model, there will be only ONE Squarespace chrome extension but with LITE and PRO licenses. The LITE license, priced at $5/month or $50/year. This specific license enables users to import and export between Squarespace 7.0 and Squarespace 7.1 sites with some additional tweaks.

While PRO Licence $18/month $160/year incorporates an array of features for users to relish, including:
– Import/Export Collections (7.0, 7.1)
– Admin UI Tweaks plugin
– Lazy Summaries plugin
– Advanced Maps plugin
– Custom Tables plugin
– Content Presets plugin
– Nav Filter, Delete Demo plugins, and much more…

Significantly, the website creators and owners can avail 5-day free trial of Squarespace plugins.

Square Websites’ portfolio of topnotch creative plugins for website creator and website owners include Recent Comments Widget, Squarespace Code Connector, Social Tabs Plugins, Animate on Scroll Plugin, Numbered Pagination, Navigation Filter, Block Classes, Custom Table Block, Lazy Summaries, Advanced Map Block, Advanced Map Block Unlimited, Background Videos Utils, Squarespace Admin UI Tweaks, Sync Collections JSON, Universal Filter, Squarespace Custom Cart Drawer, and Squarespace Custom Cart Drawer (Multiple License).

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Square Website is the trusted seller of Squarespace plugins, providing creative tools that power the future of the web. For designers creating the next generation of web and mobile experiences or anyone managing their own online presence for the first time, Squarespace plugins by Square Websites will give spot-on solutions setting new standards for online publishing.

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