G2 and PandaDoc Study: The Size of Contract Negotiation Teams Has Grown to Close to 8 People at a Seller’s Side

The size of contract negotiation teams has grown to  close to 8 people at a seller’s side and close to 6 people at a buyer’s side in average.

From internal to customer-focused process, from own vision to shared success

Mind you, it is increasingly the sales team who call the shots in such a process, no longer so much the legal experts. Yet, the sales tools have been lacking so far especially in terms of planning and documenting the details of a deal across companies, even internal teams.

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To change this, Documill has launched a solution called Documill Leap. Available as an app for Salesforce users, It adds speed, control, and clarity to the sales and buying processes with powerful, collaborative content editing and project management capabilities.

In the world of office productivity, internal and external collaboration are the words for the day, as businesses get more tightly networked. Outlining and pursuing shared targets between companies is becoming a priority, aside of companies’ own strategies. This is the wider context that Documill Leap taps into.

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Requirements for sales document production: flexible collaboration and robust workflows

As today’s business is more and more about chasing mutual success between companies, Documill Leap brings speed, control, clarity and accuracy to collaborative sales with:

  • Pre-definable workflows. A firm running order is needed so every negotiator on either side can add their edits at the right moment. Easy-to-set workflows enable this.
  • Automated task reminders. These keep the workflow running smoothly.
  • Real-time collaboration and redlining. Many people may need to edit the deal content in a contract document at the same time: your sales representative and delivery manager and perhaps your counterparty’s lawyer. Real-time collaboration makes this all possible without losing one edit or comment.
  • Selective commenting. You want to make some comments to the other party, but keep others just to your own team? Use selective commenting.
  • Multi-party approvals. This allows submitting the approvals for any edits flexibly to various parties across organizations.
  • Integrated e-signing ensures quick closing of the contract.

“Internal and external collaboration are the words for the day for modern businesses. Our mission is to put things right for laying down the details and conditions for the collaboration by means of cutting-edge collaboration technology.” – Terho Laakso, VP, Documill

“Keeping contract negotiations smooth and controlled is paramount to businesses. We found that our in-house innovations in collaboration technology could help a lot with them. Here is our solution: Documill Leap.” – Mika Könnölä, CEO, Documill, the leading Salesforce app developer in the Nordics

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