Swaarm Drives Tech Innovation by Releasing Three New Features: View-through Attribution, AppsFlyer Click Signing and Feed Configuration API to Drive Higher ROI

Swaarm, the new trusted standard in performance marketing, has released three new innovative features to further bolster its platform to give agencies, advertisers and partners the insights they need to succeed with their businesses.

Today’s feature release continues Swaarm’s mission to provide clients with innovative products and technology that are hyper-tailored to their clients’ needs and that obey the highest standards of data reliability and stability, while giving clients optimal flexibility and innovative automation tools. Swaarm’s new releases include an industry-first feed API configurator, view-through attribution and an AppsFlyer click signing tool for fraud prevention. These features will enable advertisers to set offers dynamically, get attribution insights, and proactively mitigate fraudulent clicks.

Yogeeta Chainani, Co-Founder and CPO of Swaarm, said: “At Swaarm, a core pillar of our product strategy is innovation, and we strive to bring innovative features to our clients that deliver transformative value for their business. The new features – view-through attribution and Appsflyer click signing integration, in combination with the feed API configurator, provide the optimal data set and possible actions needed to deliver results that increase ROI for our clients.”

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“Swaarm is constantly releasing new and innovative features that are tailored to what we need and propel our business and satisfy our clients expectations.”

Swaarm’s new features in greater detail:

  • Feed API configurator: Advertisers can now optimize and set which offers will be displayed dynamically in the feed API for their publishers. Swaarm is the first and only performance marketing platform to release a feature of this kind.
  • View-through Attribution (VTA): Advertisers can now attribute installs to impressions with VTA. Advertising networks will record and send impression data to a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP). When a user eventually installs or completes an action – even without clicking the ad – they are attributed to the impression that led to that install.
  • AppsFlyer Click Signing Integration: Fraudsters are constantly creating new methods to steal an advertiser’s ad spend by claiming false clicks. When fraudulent traffic is filtered and unable to reach the MMP, fraudsters will counter this by creating clicks with a network and sending several directly to an MMP. AppsFlyer Click Signing integrated with Swaarm prevents ad networks from sending fraudulent traffic to the advertiser. It generates a secret key within a certain time frame that is assigned to a click and sent with the advertiser’s tracking link. The click is defined as fraudulent traffic by AppsFlyer every time the key is invalid or expired, which blocks fraudulent traffic.

Clients such as Clearpier, Ola Mobile, Spyke Media, Apptrust, Iconpeak and Nexamob are already using Swaarm’s new feature updates.

Ben Mair, General Manager of Clearpier, said: “Swaarm is constantly releasing new and innovative features that are tailored to what we need and propel our business and satisfy our clients expectations.”

Today’s news follows a strong year for Swaarm, and just months after the company announced securing a seven-figure round of funding to enable the company to further innovate its platform and to expand into new markets. Earlier this year, Swaarm launched several major features, including its Privacy Enabled Attribution (PEA Chain), the first-of-its-kind in the mobile advertising industry to overcome the challenges that came with Apple’s introduction of iOS 14, and its analytics tool “Explorer”, giving marketers the insights they need to more efficiently operate their business.

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