Undertone Launches its ‘Shoppable High Impact’ Technology Solution, Enabling Consumers To Add Products To Retailers’ Carts From Directly Within Ads

-In partnership with SmartCommerce, the Click2Cart-enabled capability allows shoppers to utilize a single click-to-cart function, providing advertisers with consistently updated data on consumer purchases.

-“The activation process was simple, and we love how easy it is for users to shop our products from directly within the ad,” reports Centro.

Undertone, a Perion Network Ltd. company and the leader in data-driven, intelligent high impact campaigns, today announced the launch of its latest initiative in partnership with SmartCommerce, Shoppable High Impact. The innovative technology solution allows shoppers to add products directly to a retailer’s cart with just one click on all of Undertone’s ad formats, including Interactive CTV.

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Undertone combined its Intelligent High Impact formats with SmartCommerce’s digital carting technology to allow consumers to shop from Undertone’s ad units. By leveraging the Click2Cart® functionality, users are able to add products to their cart with one click on an ad. For brands that want to give their consumers more choice, shoppers have the option of choosing their preferred retailer and product from within the ad. Undertone’s award-winning in-house creative division custom designs each creative experience so that it is entirely unique.

“We recognize the importance of making the online shopping experience more seamless for consumers and more effective for brands,” said Dan Aks, president at Undertone. “Our Shoppable High Impact is the future of digital shopping. It includes a simple activation process for users to shop directly within an ad, giving a choice of retailers and products. In just one experience, we saw a carting rate of almost 3% and more than 27,000 products added to carts. With this functionality, we are creating a unique and optimal shopping experience not only for consumers, but also for brands.”

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The technology behind Shoppable High Impact helps brands drive purchases by connecting ad experiences directly to add-to-cart functionality. This gives brands the ability to obtain and optimize data that is always being updated, creating a more personalized shopping experience. Further, SmartCommerce will automatically detect a retailer stock status in real time and provide the closest alternative if an item is out of stock, preventing the user from searching elsewhere.

“Undertone’s shoppable formats were perfect for helping us drive purchases at Target. The high impact experiences were large enough to showcase multiple product SKUs, while the single-click-to-cart functionality allowed people to add a product to their cart with only one click,” said Jane Frye, director of client and media services at Centro. “The activation process was simple, and we love how easy it is for users to shop our products from directly within the ad. Can’t wait to run another campaign soon!”

“Undertone’s Intelligent High Impact units put the right message on the right screen for the right consumer at the right time to drive performance – not just awareness. We are thrilled to be aligned with such an innovative and smart partner, particularly as consumer habits are so rapidly evolving,” noted Jennifer Silverberg, SmartCommerce CEO.

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