HYPR Launches Designated Market Areas (DMA) Tool For Influencer Audiences

Proprietary Tool Allows Marketers to Identify Influencers with a Sizable Audience in a Specific Area

HYPR, the market leader in influencer analytics, announced it has launched a Designated Market Areas (DMA) search functionality for Influencer discovery. The advanced feature allows marketers to identify the precise location of influencer audiences. As the influencer marketing industry’s first tool of its kind, DMA based discovery helps marketers connect with the appropriate influencers by recognizing ones with a high percentage of followers that are located within a specific area.

Utilizing HYPR’s database of 1 billion social accounts and more than 10 million influencer profiles and audience demographic data, the new tool enables clients to accurately curate a list of influencers that impact the right audience, with a familiar and authentic influencer.

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“HYPR has already solved the fake follower and inactive audience problem,” said Gil Eyal, CEO of HYPR. “The next step is introducing precise audience tools to ensure that every dollar a brand spends on influencers reaches a demographic actually interested in their brand or product. Influencer marketing is still marketing, and if you can’t properly segment and reach the right audiences, you’re tossing money down the drain.”

The product was developed in partnership with some of the largest retailers in the world, with the aim of identifying influencers with the densest audience population within a specific region.

HYPR’s in-depth influencer marketing platform houses profiles, audience demographic and psychographic information for over 10 million influencers across major social channels. The tool automates discovery, outreach and reporting efforts, making it the world’s most advanced influencer marketing platform. HYPR makes influencer marketing smart, efficient and impactful because it allows marketers to make data driven decisions that saves them enormous amounts of time, increases ROI and ensures that campaigns reach the right audiences. HYPR services several hundred of the world’s largest agencies and brands, and is the market leader in influencer discovery and measurement.

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