IZEA Announces IZEA Flex

Marketers Can Request Early Access to Next-Gen Influencer Marketing Platform

IZEA Worldwide, Inc., the premier provider of influencer marketing technology, data, and services for the world’s leading brands, announced the rollout of IZEA Flex, the company’s next-generation influencer marketing platform. The announcement was made today during the “SUPERCHANGED” streaming event. The video replay, along with a 4-minute recap, can be found at http://izea.me/super4.

“We have fundamentally reimagined what an influencer marketing platform does and how it should function for its users,” said Ted Murphy, Founder and CEO of IZEA. “IZEA has done away with predefined workflows or notions of how an influencer marketing campaign should be executed. Instead, we have created a platform with flexibility as a core tenet, allowing marketers to use any combination of independent applications as they see fit. The result is a comprehensive suite of tools that, individually, supercharge influencer marketing efforts, and become even more powerful when combined.”

“Flex introduces end-to-end tracking of social commerce, allowing marketers to easily measure the impact of individual influencers on e-commerce revenue at scale,” continued Murphy. “The platform is also designed to support marketers who are executing next-generation influencer activations in the metaverse, as well as producing new content types such as branded NFTs.”

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At launch, IZEA Flex will offer eight core modules: Discover, ContentMine, ShareMonitor, Integrations, Tracking Links, Contacts, Transactions and Campaigns.


The Discover module in Flex allows marketers to search and filter over 40 million influencer handles across multiple social media platforms, an increase of 166% over IZEA’s previous generation offering. Marketers can sort and filter influencer handles as well as their content. They can also identify potential matches based on their audience’s available age, gender, and income information to find the right creators for their campaigns. IZEA has introduced stream processing to its discovery engine, enabling marketers to add additional creator handles to the platform. Flex will discover, enrich and benchmark influencer data on demand.


The all-new ContentMine is an A.I. powered tool that helps marketers find, organize and measure content faster and easier than ever. Marketers can use ContentMine to upload and share new content in the cloud or utilize the software to ingest and monitor influencer content from an existing URL. ContentMine regularly refreshes social media metrics, eliminating the need to update engagement data in spreadsheets manually. Content collections allow marketers to structure assets into shareable content groups or take advantage of automated content organization built into the tool.


With ShareMonitor, IZEA brings multi-platform social monitoring to the masses. ShareMonitor lets marketers track brand mentions, hashtags and keywords across major social platforms. Marketers can use the tool to help identify new advocates for a brand, competitor activities, or overall content trends on multiple platforms. ShareMonitor focuses on the social media users with the most gravitas, and 95% of available accounts have more than 1,000 followers.


Flex takes conversion tracking to the next level with deep MarTech integrations for e-commerce sites. At launch, the platform integrates with Google Analytics and Shopify, with more integrations on the way. Flex’s Google Analytics integration allows 74% of the world’s most popular websites to tie their influencer marketing campaigns to valuable metrics, including time on site, engagement, and revenue. With Flex’s Shopify integration, Shopify’s nearly 4 million customers can use Flex to track the impact of their influencer marketing campaigns down to the order level.

Tracking Links

Flex’s full-featured enterprise link shortener includes support for custom domains, integrates third-party bot detection, and enables dynamic UTM parameters that are associated with other Flex modules. Tracking Links provide real-time metrics that allow marketers to measure and benchmark influencer impact beyond vanity social metrics. When combined with other modules, marketers can see which influencer drove which customers to buy, how much they spent, and what they purchased.


Flex Contacts are custom-built with modern influencer collaborations in mind. They account for contacts and companies from across the creator ecosystem, including agents, legal representation and more. Building creator lists is also now easier than ever with the help of Flex’s smart lists that use demographic information to automatically group creator contacts.


Flex has made sending creator payments faster and more affordable than ever before. IZEA has introduced a flat fee per transaction–just $2–to send an electronic payment. Gated access with designated payment approval user roles provide security and control for influencer payments. Transaction data is cryptography verifiable, searchable, sortable and fully customizable.


The Campaigns module is the foundational layer of Flex, allowing marketers to organize and find the creators, content and insights to inform their influencer marketing strategy. The module includes campaigns, platforms, tags, collaboration types and content types. Campaigns support social sponsorships, metaverse collaborations, and IRL activations.

“IZEA Flex accommodates the needs of brands and agencies both big and small, built from the ground up to be as flexible as it is powerful,” continued Murphy. “We believe Flex is the best value in the influencer marketing industry and our pricing lowers the barrier to entry for enterprise-grade software across the board.”


  • Free Plan: For the first time, IZEA is offering a completely free tier of its enterprise software. The free plan lets users get a feel for how Flex’s tools would work for their organization, including access to ContentMine, ShareMonitor and Tracking Links.
  • Starter Plan: The Starter plan unlocks the Discover toolset and allows users to search IZEA’s database of over 40 million creator connections. It also adds more Flex Contacts, ShareMonitors and a bigger ContentMine. It starts at $130 per month with an annual subscription.
  • Power Plan: Flex Power users unlock creator payments and get unlimited access to ContentMine, Sharemonitor, and Flex Contacts. The Power Plan starts at $500 per month with an annual subscription.

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