Smeckn, Inc. Releases Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Based Web Application for Social Media

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Smeckn, Inc. releases an artificial intelligence (AI)-based web application for social media. Smeckn (Social media checking) uses AI algorithms to help people analyze and clean up their digital footprint. A person’s digital footprint is the collection of all their social media content: all the tweets, posts, and pictures they have generated online. Over the years, many people have posted and tweeted things they regret: things that just seem immature, hurtful, or just plain wrong today. Smeckn helps by analyzing a person’s social media and helping them to find and remove the negative content. Smeckn doesn’t judge because it uses AI to analyze the content, not humans.

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Let Smeckn be a tool in your arsenal to help ensure that the digital you matches the authentic you—a synchronized set of footprints. Why risk missing out on opportunities because of undetected negativity? Use Smeckn to analyze and clean up your data.

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