Unified Unveils Health Checks Solution for Transparent Social Advertising Reporting

New Unified Solution Provides Brands and Agencies a Way to Verify Their Campaign Data, Reporting, and Performance for Transparent Social Advertising Reporting

Unified, a leading social advertising data and intelligence platform provider has announced the launch of its newest solution, Health Checks. With the help of a Health Check, for the first time, brands and agencies will be able to get a third-party objective opinion about their social advertising strategies, performance, best practices and potential missed opportunities.

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Unified’s Health Check provides a one-time assessment of a social advertising campaign, shedding light on a part of the industry that too often struggles with inadequate, inaccurate data and reporting. With nearly 90 percent of marketers expressing that they do not feel confident they have the appropriate level of insight and intelligence to plan successful campaigns, Health Checks provide an easy solution for marketers to gain the transparency and access they need to adequately assess the success of their social advertising campaigns.

As the global market for social ad spending moves towards the $50 billion mark, Health Checks will provide marketers with the quality data and unparalleled access they need to ensure the money they invest in social advertising is well spent.

Health Checks combine the power of the Unified Platform and expert analysis from their professional team to deliver objective insights about their campaign performance. This allows brands and agencies to not only gain a previously impossible view of their social advertising supply chain but also benchmark their activity against the industry’s largest set of enriched intelligence, Unified’s nearly $3 billion of investment data.

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At the time of this announcement, Jason Beckerman, CEO and Co-founder of Unified, said, “To date, marketers have been unable to verify the data, reporting and information they are being given about their social advertising. We created Health Checks to solve this rising issue for both brands and agencies. With an objective, expert  second opinion on the performance of their social advertising campaigns, marketers can ensure they’re achieving optimal performance, transparency and a fundamental understanding of their own social advertising supply chain.”

Brand marketers simply connect their social data to the Unified platform and receive a one-time, customized, comprehensive report on the most vital components of their advertising strategy. A Health Check audit provides effective visualizations of important data from audience, creative and campaign pacing analysis, Additionally, it offers custom insights including identifying missed opportunities, benchmark comparisons across social channels and best practices for optimal execution.

Kellie Sakey, Vice President, Advertising at Unified, said, “One Health Check uncovered that a brand’s lack of optimization resulted in only 50 percent of the engagements it should have yielded, a missed opportunity costing the client tens of thousands of dollars in inefficient media spend. Another Health Check exposed that 90 percent of a brand’s campaign budget was spent on the first day of a month-long campaign, resulting in inflated bids and unnecessary media costs.”

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The program’s effectiveness has already been noted by name-brand clients with significant global ad campaigns. “The Health Checks we’ve completed for several notable CPG clients have yielded some incredibly informative insights.

By bringing together its powerful intelligence technology, and a team of social media experts, Unified is offering marketers an unprecedented, fully transparent analysis for future success. Currently, Unified helps marketers make informed and impactful decisions with the industry’s only business intelligence platform purposely designed for social advertising.

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