Method Media Intelligence Has Launched MMI360

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Method Media Intelligence (MMI) has launched its comprehensive digital media measurement product called MMI360, that seamlessly addresses marketer needs of verification, transparency, and supply path quality. For too long, the monetization engine of the internet (online advertising) has been unorganized and focused on tracking users instead of transactions. These transactions can be stored and retained indefinitely so that buyers can use this advertising data, “receipts” in a variety of ways.

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Aiming to be the “Bloomberg Terminal of Online Ad Traffic. MMI has invested heavily in its data engineering capabilities and hired cloud architecture expert, Richard C. Nason, as its Chief Technology Officer this month. Mr. Nason’s background in dev-ops, passion for web technology, and building data pipelines that simplify complex data problems, will lead MMI’s product to cover the needs of the company’s growing customer base and reporting needs.

MMI’s CTO, Rich Nason, stated: “I am elated about the opportunity to bring the breadth of my knowledge and experience over to the MMI family. Together we will strive not only to strengthen, and scale the existing platform, but also to build and enable additional features and services that will provide our customer base with a deeper level of insight and understanding about their current and future ad campaigns.”

MMI360 has addressed many pain points traditionally faced by marketers when it comes to measuring their digital ad-spend. Sampled measurement has plagued the ad-technology industry since its inception, which MMI solved with a [patented] 5 millisecond device authentication check that allows verification of every single ad-impression. Implementation issues with tag-wrapping have also been addressed with deploying centrally in the ad-server, to cover any and all campaigns being run, regardless of platform. Covering desktop, mobile-web, mobile in-app, and CTV & OTT environments.

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Doing this all while respecting user privacy has been the mantra of MMI since 2018 when it released its MVP. While MMI’s largest initial customers are based in North America, it has added clients to its roster in Europe and the APAC region, and molded the product to fit with regional data and privacy rules.

MMI Founder & CEO Shailin Dhar, says “Knowing whether the transaction was valid, viewable, and safe for the brand, is only possible with objective and consistent measurement. We have been accredited by the MRC and we strive to provide reliable metrics about intangible ad-transactions, to help our customers make the smartest decisions about their very tangible businesses and customers.”

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