TaTaTu Launches to Create the Sharing Economy of Data

Platform Presents a New Way for Users to Value Personal Data Within a Safe Environment Where Time Spent is Rewarded

Today, TaTaTu launches to create the first sharing economy of data on their social media platform, available on desktop, Apple App Store and Android.

TaTaTu represents the future of social media by putting the power back in the hands of the people who use it. By rewarding the consumer for each of their online actions, TaTaTu allows users to be recognized for their commitment of time and activities performed in the app.

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TaTaTu rewards users for their activities on the platform with TTU coins. For every action taken on the app – messaging, commenting, watching a video, posting a photo, etc. – the user earns rewards that are redeemed in the app’s e-commerce store or auctions for products, celebrity and lifestyle experiences, and more.

“I started the company because I believe that in the world where we live today, simply connecting via the Internet for free is not enough anymore. The user, as a viewer, is part of the creation of the value also he/she must be rewarded in the same way you reward the content producer or the other stakeholders involved,” says Andrea Iervolino, CEO and Founder of TaTaTu.

TaTaTu includes a wide range of app functionality such as posting and viewing images and videos, engaging with friends (liking, sharing, commenting, direct messages), calling and video calling, watching movies, live streaming, creating content, and more. It is a comprehensive platform that includes key functions all in one place.

Also, the app is committed to building community and promoting social good. Users can give their TTU to other users and to participating charitable organizations.

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