Brandwatch’s Social Panels Allows Market Researchers to “Read the Room” When There Is No Room

Brandwatch, the digital consumer intelligence tech company, unveils its newest feature: Social Panels. This addition to the Consumer Research platform brings traditional panels and focus groups into the 21st century by allowing researchers to carefully craft panels and focus groups out of authors from the social web’s most frequented platforms.

Conventional, in-person market research can be inefficient, and amid a pandemic nearly impossible to conduct. Excessive amounts of time and money are exhausted gathering consumer insights that focus groups and panels yield, but even with those investments, there are limitations. A lack of accessibility and geographic restrictions give global brands a very regional view of their consumers in a time when the world is more connected and globalized. Social Panels provide enhanced consumer insights at a fraction of the cost in real-time.

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Social Panels is unique in its versatility. Panels are created in two ways:

  • By uploading a custom list of authors from a range of content sources
  • By conducting a flexible panel search to combine various demographic filters to identify the right group of people.

These panels become more versatile, still, when you use them to filter social conversations within Consumer Research. Panels will reveal insights across subject matter by seeing how a defined audience discusses any given topic. Then researchers have the ability to benchmark panels against each other and then again against the general population. Lastly, there’s the ability to analyze historical conversations within a panel – a practice that simply isn’t possible with traditional market research. This flexibility isn’t an option with live studies out in the field.

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“We built Social Panels not only to provide robust, representative unprompted insight from social data but to completely challenge the notion of traditional demographics,” said Rebecca Carson, Chief Product Officer at Brandwatch. “The modern consumer demands personalization, and to provide this we need to go way beyond segmenting populations with limiting labels like age, gender, and socioeconomic status. We need to understand what motivates a group of people, what drives their passions, and to discover their real, unprompted behavior patterns.”

Social Panels goes beyond demographics as panels can be created with the most relevant individuals providing their unprompted thoughts and opinions. This method mitigates response bias by avoiding participants who feed into the research and provide researchers with answers they think the research dictates. Panelists will now be completely unfiltered, honest, and representative vs. the offline population.

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