Datametrex Identifies Chinese Campaigns to Manipulate Social Media Surrounding COVID-19

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Datametrex AI Limited is pleased to share a summary of the work done for the United States Government and a link to the report which clearly identifies attempts by Chinese authorities to create a divide amongst Americans on how the administration and Trump are handling #COVID19. This work was commissioned by an agency for the United States Government and involved collecting and analyzing a massive amount of social media data.

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Datametrex examined millions of social media documents over the last month tracking Chinese involvement in the online discussions surrounding the COVID-19 and coronavirus. Datametrex found significant attempts by both Chinese authorities and news agencies to manipulate the media and shift the blame for the COVID-19 outbreak to the United States. Additional attempts at media manipulation and narrative shaping included attempts to frame dialogue from US President Trump as racist and show the Trump administration as an impediment to the worldwide recovery from the pandemic while framing Chinese President Xi as a strong leader on the world stage.

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“We are thrilled to be working with the US Government on this very serious topic, this report goes to show that social media warfare goes beyond attempts to tamper with elections as we clearly identified during the Canadian Federal Elections. The Company is open for business in the US and we look forward to working with more government agencies and corporate clients on disinformation, propaganda, fake news in social media,” says Marshall Gunter, CEO of the Company

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