Inuvo Expands Geographic Footprint of AI-Driven Media Services into Canada

Inuvo, Inc., a leading provider of marketing technology, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that serves brands and agencies, is pleased to announce the expansion of its IntentKey™ AI platform for advertising into the Canadian market where advertisers can now take advantage of a technology that has consistently delivered market beating performance results.

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Rich Howe, Chief Executive Officer of Inuvo, commented, “The value proposition for Canadian companies is strong: we can serve both their domestic and American advertising objectives; we can beat current providers performance results; we can run it all for them or they can use it in-house; and we are future proof as our technology is not dependent on third-party data or cookies because it was designed to uncover signals of intent that define the why that drives a product/service purchase, not the who that is behind that purchase. In the new cookieless world, who will become irrelevant as targeting predefined users or personas becomes increasingly difficult.”

The IntentKey analyzes the signals of intent along the millions of potential paths that might lead to a conversion or brand affinity, determining at all times whether or not those signals point strongly towards the underlying reasons why consumers are actually buying the product or engaging with a brand. This paradigm shift of targeting intent signals, rather than individuals, makes the IntentKey unique and positioned to not only protect consumer privacy, but also insulate our clients’ marketing efforts from the disruptive impacts related to the elimination of third-party cookies (which has already taken effect within Safari) within Chrome in 2022. This further enhances the timing of making this technology available to Canadian advertisers.

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Inuvo is currently building a seasoned Canadian sales team well versed in advertising technology capable of helping advertisers understand the nuances and impact of the ensuing changes. The first hires include two Senior Programmatic Sales Directors: Harminder Hayer and Victor Genova. Hayer has over two decades of sales and advertising experience that includes Active International, IPG Media Brands, Orion Worldwide, IBM, Bell Canada, and Metroland Media. Genova has over fifteen years of experience including Blue Ant Media, Connected Interactive, Rogers Media, Astral Digital, and CBC.

In preparation for entrance into the Canadian market, Inuvo has joined the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) of Canada and the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA).

Mr. Howe added, “We look forward to being collaborative members in the Canadian advertising community. Not only do we get to expand North, but on a personal level, I get the opportunity to return to my Canadian roots.”

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