Mevo Announces Livestreaming Video Camera Mevo Start, Opening of Pre-Orders

First Mass Market-Accessible Camera Puts Robust Livestreaming Capabilities in the Palm of Your Hand

livestreaming camera leader and pioneer Mevo announced the opening of pre-orders for its new long-form livestreaming camera, Mevo Start. Leveraging the cutting edge technology of Mevo’s existing video products, Mevo Start and the Mevo app are built exclusively for consumers and social media influencers of any experience level to effortlessly livestream events. The sophisticated, high-quality, all-in-one-camera features 1080p HD video and crystal clear audio that enable users to seamlessly share important events in real-time without having to separate themselves from the action. Mevo Start will be unveiled tonight in Las Vegas with live demos at Pepcom’s Digital Experience! at CES.

The internet video market is projected to grow fourfold by 2022, with livestreaming leading the charge. On Facebook alone, live broadcasts have been doubling every single year since 2016. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, livestreaming has become a favored medium to connect with friends, family, colleagues and social media followers. Expensive, complex pro solutions are out of reach for the average consumer and many influencers, forcing them to rely on low-quality audio and video delivered by their smartphones, which really only work for quick snippets, or on their computers, which lack mobility.

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Mevo, which revolutionized long-form livestreaming for professionals with its popular Mevo Plus video camera, is now empowering consumers and influencers to take storytelling to the next level with Mevo Start. Fitting in the palm of your hand and at an affordable price point of $299, Mevo Start features a sleek, portable design and more than four hours of livestreaming battery life. With Mevo Start and its smartphone app, consumers, SMBs and influencers alike can now create high-quality HD event livestreaming videos right out of the box, enabling them to capture and share every event from start to finish, whether it’s a cooking tutorial, press conference, wedding, concert or a child’s first play.

“For years, Mevo has been in the trenches pioneering high-quality camera technology that has enabled livestreaming to become the cultural phenomenon it is today,” said Max Haot, founder and CEO of Mevo. “Mevo Start continues our cutting-edge work at the forefront of livestreaming technology, and we’re confident that Mevo Start’s capabilities will unlock livestreaming for everyone, regardless of their video experience level. When it’s worth sharing, it’s worth sharing right.”

Mevo Start is putting an end to the days of being trapped behind the camera by allowing users to direct their videos from a smartphone app. With just a few taps, you’re instantly connected to any streaming platform you desire – Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, Twitch, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube or another channel – even multiple platforms at the same time. Mevo Start also includes advanced tools that allow for fine-tuning – including HDR mode, exposure value (EV) correction, anti-flicker, image flip, contrast, sharpness and more – because when you’re livestreaming, there’s no “take two.”

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Mevo Start’s key features and benefits include:

  • Instant Sharing: The Mevo app allows you to instantly share your livestream to any major streaming provider, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, Twitch, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube and more.
  • Long Battery Life: With more than four hours of built-in battery life for continuous streaming or recording, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be able to share your whole event from start to finish without the need for cumbersome cables or battery packs.
  • HD Streaming: Thanks to its HDR sensor and pixel size, Mevo Start provides HD video, 1080p streaming capabilities and impressive low-light performance. It also has SD card functionality that allows you to simultaneously record video for future use in addition to the livestream.
  • Crystal Clear Audio: Advanced audio processing ensures you always sound your best, even in crowded, noisy environments. You can also directly connect external gear via a 3.5MM port that works with both line level and microphone audio inputs.
  • Seamless App Experience: Mevo Start enables fine tuning and the ability to stream to multiple platforms through its intuitive smartphone app. Its tools include sharpness, white balance, exposure value (EV) correction, contrast, brightness, filters, anti-flicker, saturation and image-flip.
  • Portable Convenience: At just three inches tall, Mevo Start’s sleek, pocket-sized frame and ability to stream through a smartphone’s LTE in addition to Wi-Fi and Ethernet allow it to go anywhere life takes you, making sure you never miss a moment. Your phone can also be up to 100 feet away from the camera, allowing for enhanced mobility and the ability to fully experience the live event and interact with your audience as you remotely control the camera from the app.

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