PIFOR Social Media Is Making a Positive Impact, Person to Person

PIFOR – which stands for Pay It Forward — launches its good deeds social media platform.  PIFOR wants the people of the world to show their incredible generosity of spirit, and capacity to uplift one another. No filters, just people making real connections.

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The platform at launch provides experiences and spaces for charities, aid groups, individuals, and organizations to express how they “give back” to people and communities.  Organizations can share and promote causes, events, volunteerism and make new connections. PIFOR provides a suite of multimedia features for users to post stories, videos, messaging, pictures of their acts of generosity and kindness. Users can donate, interact with organizations and other users, create events, interest lists, keep track of friends, philanthropy and giving. By easily and effectively connecting individuals to their causes of choice, we can make a difference. It’s really that simple.

“We created this platform to be the centerpiece of social media that highlights and connects people to amazing causes, organizations and individuals displaying their good work to encourage others to do the same,” said co-founder, Peter Makris. “It’s source of good news, positivity and encouragement – that’s what PIFOR stands for. Paying it forward to others in order to create a ripple effect that touches everyone’s lives.”

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The concept behind PIFOR isn’t extravagant or complicated. It’s an idea that simply asks the question, “Is it possible for kindness to go viral?”

PIFOR’s mission is to:

  • Encourage goodness by creating a ripple effect
  • Help each other out by learning about the amazing things that individuals, organizations, causes, nonprofits and businesses do to give back to their communities
  • Serve as a global directory that users can look for help accessing to local causes, organizations and resources
  • Deliver up-to-date information on potential volunteering opportunities for natural disasters and other impactful occurrences.

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