Rare Sense’s NFT Platform Superfandom Set to Be “OpenSea for Fan Engagement”

 Blockchain company Rare Sense’s NFT platform Superfandom connects creators, celebrities and influencers to their fans through NFTs and is the “OpenSea for fan engagement”.

The creator-fan engagement market is exploding in lock step with the burgeoning $100B+ creator economy. Fan engagement has become a critical growth engine for fueling influence in a tough, saturated field of influencers.

With that backdrop, there’s now an NFT revolution on the way. But creators who don’t have digital art to offer find themselves on the periphery. Such creators are mostly forced to resort to commissioning artists and dropping digital art NFTs, trying to milk the opportunity due to FOMO.

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But such NFT drops are a hit or miss at best. Many a time, they’re viewed as inauthentic and as cash grabs. There’s real danger that reputations and brands can be tarnished. Simply put, there needs to be a simple way for creators to get into the NFT game via offering whatever their superfans want the most. This way their NFT strategy would have longevity.

The blockchain company Rare Sense is building technology to handle just that. It’s platform “Superfandom” enables creators to launch NFTs that can have exclusive experiences or access programmed into them. These could be both online or offline experiences their superfans will love, from social media collabs all the way to one of a kind in-person interactions. Their tech handles token redemptions, community building, secondary markets, disputes and even refunds.

“We’re making an end-to-end solution” says CEO Hassan Baig. “ We’re making what all digital native young people of today, and tomorrow, will want to use to interact with their favorite creators”.

Fan engagement and cryptocurrencies have mingled before. The rise of social tokens in 2020 and beyond are well known. On how social tokens differ from NFTs as vehicles of fan-engagement, Hassan says “market forces are much, much stronger for NFT adoption. Social tokens and their economies are tough for the lay creator to understand, whereas selling NFTs is highly intuitive for anyone who’s ever sold or bought tickets in their life. That’s why NFTs are sucking in all the creators of the world. It’s a much more efficient on-ramp”.

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But why use NFTs for experiences or exclusive access, when a creator can simply issue tickets? Hassan says “sure, you can do it without NFTs, but that means the creator misses out on the royalties, and the fans miss out on owning an asset they can trade”. He points out how the influencer Gary Vee launched Veefriends, which now commands significant secondary market interest, enriching both Gary and his superfans. “It’s a win-win. Once you try it out with NFTs, you don’t want to go back to old-school tickets”, Hassan says.

Rare Sense Inc., the company behind Superfandom, is funded by the Stacks blockchain. For those not in the know, Stacks has brought smart contracts to Bitcoin. Hassan points out “our NFTs are secured by Bitcoin, which is not only attractive for those loyal to the Bitcoin ecosystem, but also those in the mainstream for whom Bitcoin is eponymous to cryptocurrencies”. It remains to be seen whether Bitcoin-backed NFTs take off – but if signs from other blockchains like Solana, Tron and Flow are any indication – the chances look really good. After all, it’s Bitcoin.

According to CSO Sophia Pervez, the platform has a global outlook already having numerous big names from Hollywood, Bollywood and Kpop, as well as many mega social media influencers . A mainnet launch is coming up. “We’ll further democratize the NFT market for creators and their fans. I’m excited to see what the OGs of the space do with it!”, adds Hassan. To learn more, visit www.superfandom.io

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