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Shareablee Adds Industry’s First Branded Content Advertiser Search to Its Monetize Suite

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Partnership Explorer Provides Branded Video Ad Intelligence for Social Marketers

Shareablee Inc., announced their Monetize Suite’s new Partnership Explorer, a first-of-its-kind branded content planning and ranking dashboard that provides unlimited access to search advertisers individually or by industry groupings across over 5000 global categories.

To date, branded video on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have grown 57% since 2017, with nearly seventy percent of engagement being driven by Sports, followed by Entertainment, Food and Lifestyle Publishing. With still fewer than three percent of all videos currently branded, however, there is still a lot of room for growth which Partnership Explorer offers unprecedented visibility to inform digital strategy.

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“Audience attention is hard to come by as devices and platforms continue to expand, and branded video is one of the most powerful ways for advertisers to effectively intersect culture when it comes to socially engaged consumers,” said Shareablee Founder & CEO Tania Yuki. “Our Partnership Explorer helps advertisers and media sales professionals transact more effectively on branded content, and is purpose-built to inform both sides and maximize the value of social media activations.”

For Agencies and Advertisers:

  • Identify the right creator and publisher partners for your campaign, to ensure maximum reach, media efficiency and ROI
  • Understand the real affinity of your prospective partner’s audiences, using their actual behaviors – not modelled or inferred intent
  • Measure the impact and effectiveness of each branded content campaign in real-time, from core social KPIs to shifts in behavior, attitudes and consumer sentiment

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For Creators and Publishers:

  • Uncover the real strengths of your active social audience, from the advertiser’s perspective, so you can ensure successful partner pitches
  • Showcase your key metrics and engaging quality of your branded videos, relative to industry benchmarks
  • Shed light on brand impact – not just vanity metrics – to maximize long-term partner value

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