Gimbal Launches Cross-Device Location Attribution

Ad Impressions Served Across Devices Now Matched to In-Store Visitation

Gimbal, the identity-driven marketing and advertising platform powered by physical-world data, announced the ability for advertisers to measure in-store visits based on programmatic ad impressions served to desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

In-store measurement has long been a mobile-focused effort since smartphones are a proxy to where individuals go in the physical word. Yet marketers know their prospects aren’t only consuming media on mobile devices.

Gimbal launches cross-device version of Arrival, their flagship in-store attribution product.
Gimbal launches cross-device version of Arrival, their flagship in-store attribution product.

Since acquiring Drawbridge’s media business in May and implementing its cross-device solution, Gimbal has further enhanced its targeting capabilities to execute campaigns across mobile, tablet, desktop and connected TV.

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Gimbal’s flagship attribution product – Arrival measures foot traffic by utilizing its panel of first-party, always-on location data sighted by its location SDK against devices exposed to specific media campaigns. Gimbal can then passively capture real-time entry, exit and dwell-time data of each place visit, allowing for highly accurate measurement at scale.

Starting today, Arrival’senhanced device-level metrics now include visitation by time of day, day of week and distance between ad exposure and store visit – by screen. These deeper insights will allow advertisers and agencies to better analyze their consumers and campaign results and make better targeting decisions moving forward.

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“Coupling our enterprise-grade location data and beacon technology with the most precise identity-matching technology available allows our partners to measure place visits with accuracy, precision and confidence,” said Matthew Russo, chief marketing officer of Gimbal.

Being able to connect cross-device audiences with Gimbal’s extensive location data set to measure store visitation creates the most comprehensive offline measurement suite available in the industry today. This omnichannel view provides marketers with a broader understanding of what channels are most effective in driving consumers to a physical point of interest – insights that can be used to optimize campaigns in real time to decrease ad spend and increase performance.

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