Social Media Platform 2cents Dedicated to Protecting Privacy

While Silicon Valley tech giants abuse and sell the personal data of their users, 2cents does not.

2cents, a micro blogging platform, offers a responsible approach to social media by not abusing the privacy of its customers.

2cents believes in digital privacy, which encompasses information privacy, communication privacy and individual privacy. The company protects these privacies by pledging to never collect, package and sell any information that its members create.

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Benefits of the 2cents Platform:

  • 2cents does not discriminate or algorithmically manipulate the user experience.
  • 2cents encourages a healthy discourse on all topics and because it verifies each user and has no fake (bot) accounts.
  • 2cents offers no bias.
  • 2cents does not sell advertising.
  • 2cents encourages healthy conversation, mutual respect and kindness.

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Silicon Valley, on the other hand, utilizes surveillance capitalism as its primary business model. They harvest any and all user digital data to then package and sell to any party willing to pay the right price. Users aren’t customers, they’re product.

2cents is dedicated to preserving the trust of its customers. “The current social media platforms are all toxic to their respective user bases as well as to society in general and its due entirely to the inherent dishonesty of the business models being utilized,” says Founder Allan Restrepo.

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