The Social App Introduces “WhatsApp Import” Tool

Allowing Users to Secure Their Chats to a Military Grade Privacy First Platform

The Social App (Social) rolled out a new feature that allows users to import their WhatsApp Chat history into Socialdirectly, allowing users not to forfeit their chat histories.

The utility allows users to migrate their WhatsApp chat histories directly over to SocialUsers download and sign-up for Social using their phone number. Once the account has signed up, users go to the desired WhatsApp individual & group chats and 1.) select “export chat followed by 2.) selecting “Without Media.” Once the conversation successfully exports, users are then prompted to export the chat with “Social.” It will prompt the user to identify all members using their phone book. Once the process completes, the conversation will appear. In the backend, Social will notify participants with a one-time text message that their discussion has moved to Social. Informed participants will also receive instructions on how they can import their chats. With privacy at Social‘s core, all processes take place locally on the user’s device. Social does not store any contact information on its servers. When a user grants access to its contacts, Social is simply cross-referencing their contact information to see who else is available on the app and to allow them to locate them on the app.

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Social does not partake in advertising or personal data mining. Social‘s flagship privacy feature is called “Ninja Mode,” which was showcased as a prototype at WebSummit in 2018. When enabled, users can share extra sensitive information with the ease that their conversation will redact once Ninja Mode has expired or is manually disabled. Everything takes place in the same chat thread. For Android users, screenshots & screen shares are also disabled, whereas iOS users are notified in the chat thread. Users can set a time for up to 30 days.

All conversations by default are encrypted using 256 Military-grade encryption provided by Virgil Security. All current features include:

  • Ninja Mode: Redact conversations within the same chat window.
  • Monetized Group Chat: Allow users to create a monetized group chat and creating a monthly income.
  • Built-in Customer Service: Powered by VideoAsk.
  • Tombstone: A unique way to mute a conversation or just an individual in a group chat.
  • WhatsApp Import: Take your WhatsApp history with you.

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“We intentionally did not venture into the ad business as modern practices violate users and their personal information. Everyone should have the right to a private conversation,” Raakin Iqbal, founder of The Social App, said.

Social is a free app and consists of many hidden mechanisms for users to discover.

“If someone feels their private conversation and the data that surrounds the context of the conversation can be manipulated for ad serving bases. Then they should have the right to have that conversation somewhere else that is more secure and where they will be respected. It’s like if someone is going to eavesdrop, you simply move away,” said Iqbal.

Social is currently available for Android. iOS users should subscribe to the Testflight beta.

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