txtsmarter Unveils World’s First Full WhatsApp Enterprise Archiving Service

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Only full enterprise mobile-communications compliance service for WhatsApp, Apple iMessage, and Android SMS/MMS

txtsmarter announced at the Collision Conference today its unique ability to archive all WhatsApp communications for regulatory compliance. txtsmarter is the only firm to provide an Enterprise Information Archiving compliance platform incorporating Apple iMessage, Android SMS/MMS, and now WhatsApp. The service enables text and social media compliance across all current regulations, both US and Europe. With the addition of capturing WhatsApp communications, txtsmarter now provides coverage across a full suite of text messaging and social media platforms globally. This ensures txtsmarter customers now can safeguard themselves and their businesses against the potentially dire consequences of non-compliance and business-critical data leakage. For the first time, all communications can be archived in the legally required format in real-time.

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txtsmarter Founder and CEO, Nuri Otus commented: “Increasing regulatory compliance across many industries means both businesses and individuals have a legal responsibility to demonstrate their ability to provide a complete audit trail of all related mobile communications on demand. Most people are still not aware that communications conducted using carrier text messaging are not archived by the carrier. The impact of this oversight can be devastating both professionally and personally. This is why the availability of these archiving capabilities are a game-changer, particularly for businesses or sole traders operating within highly regulated environments.”

As a result of the global COVID lockdown and switch to working remotely, an unprecedented number of people are now using mobile devices as their primary communications tool. “With the number of messages being generated every day estimated to be in excess of one trillion, together with the rising global adoption of *WhatsApp, providing the WhatsApp archiving capability was the next logical step in the evolution of the txtsmarter service offerings.”

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“One of the biggest benefits txtsmarter provides is peace of mind,” he added. “By helping users to avoid the impact of negative headlines and the resulting punitive sanctions, business owners will now be able to sleep more soundly. The inclusion of archiving WhatsApp communications was the missing link to complete the regulatory compliance circle. We are very excited about the opportunities this much-needed capability delivers, not only for our business but also for our users,” concludes Nuri.

*WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is the world’s leading text messaging platform with over 1.5 billion users in 180 countries sending some 65 billion WhatsApp messages and 55 million WhatsApp video chats every day

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