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Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Dubai

Marketing has been the name of the game for decades now. You can have a good product but if your customers don’t know about that product, or why it's good then you won’t be selling any of those, hence Marketing. A Digital Marketing agency is the need of the hour when it comes to Marketing in the 21st century. The target audience of 2019 is spending most of its time on the internet and Digital Marketing allows you to target those people using popular social media platforms, websites and other advertisement channels. With…

Mobile App Users Expect Better App Search and Recommendation Experience

A lot goes into Mobile app development. Yet, there is not much research done on how mobile app consumers are likely to search and recommend an app! For mobile users, user experience is everything. But, how do you first help these users with app discovery in the first place? There are countless tutorials on the current trends on Mobile app UI/UX; but are these really helping people find the right app for their activities? That's where Mobile Marketing teams seem to be losing their revenue opportunities. App store Search…