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Five AdTech Trends to Watch in 2020

Digital Advertising is constantly changing with new channels, new ways of buying and new ways to measure response. Here’s what we can expect in the months ahead. While we’re still waiting for the final tally, all signs indicate that digital ad spending will, as predicted, surpass traditional ad spending for the first time. And, by most accounts, we can expect digital to continue an upward trajectory, hitting $172 billion by 2021, exceeding traditional spend by an astronomical $67 billion. Despite all the grumbling over…

Adobe Advertising Cloud Set to Transform Digital Audio Ads Targeting on Smart Speakers

Adobe Advertising Cloud Is Now Also Able to Target Digital Audio Ads on Smart Speakers Across Hundreds of TuneIn’s Owned-And-Operated Stations In the Americas: Facebook is on a decline. But, radio on smart speakers is on the rise. There has been an astounding rise in the number of the monthly online radio audience, largely driven by the growth in Spotify, Apple Music, and Alexa-powered Amazon Music. According to the latest report, over 180 million Americans are streaming live music, live radio, and podcasts every month.…