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Best Practices for Flipping an In-Person Event Virtual

Fewer hiccups with in-person event than expected as live events go online in the age of COVID-19 With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies had to immediately and completely transform how their live in-person events were held. Now that virtual events are the “new normal,” having a well-developed plan in place is an absolute necessity. A recent survey by The 614 Group finds 51% of marketing professionals expect virtual events to stick around. And while it’s bad news for the events business, only 19% expect in-person…

DealSignal Introduces Intent-based Inbound Lead Enrichment

New Module Helps B2B Marketing & Sales Teams Drive Higher Conversion Rates by Prioritizing In-Market Buyers and Engaging Them in a Highly Personalized Way DealSignal, the leading on-demand B2B marketing data provider, released a new module to help marketing and sales teams automatically enrich their inbound leads with verified contact, account, and third-party intent data, and refresh them on a scheduled basis, to ensure that data quality is maintained. Intent-based Inbound Lead Enrichment delivers the rich data and…