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Let Go of Your Brand Ads. Hold Onto Your Purpose

This article is co-authored by Shane Baxendale, Hugh N. Wilson & Emma K. Macdonald. In a societal crisis, what should marketers do? CMOs have moved from grief to action over the last weeks as they grapple with the rapidly evolving pandemic. Only two weeks ago the ‘disaster’ facing CMOs was the sadness of not being able to air a new campaign that may have taken months to create.  “Meeting the needs of your customer at a profit”, the famous definition of Marketing from Professor Philip Kotler, needed rethinking. What…

4 Ways to Boost Programmatic Video Advertising ROI This Holiday Season

Step #1 Start Early and Leverage PMP/Guaranteed Deals 45% of US consumers say they plan to start shopping before November 1. This creates a sufficient window (approx. 60 days) for marketers to get their brand campaigns in front of the desired audiences. Marketers can start Advertising campaigns early not only to captures the consumer's attention at the right time but also giving marketers a higher chance of booking exclusive high-value publisher inventory through the private marketplace (PMP) deals at a much reasonable…