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Everything Has Changed: Brands Adapting to the New Post-Coronavirus Normal

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues along with the economic recession or depression that comes with it, brands around the world need to adapt their strategies quickly in a coronavirus world. The “new normal” has shifted drastically as consumers focus on social distancing, varying levels of quarantine, getting core essentials delivered and enabling online experiences from home. More than 22 million Americans have now filed for unemployment, others face work furloughs and many more are either sick or have a family member that…

How to Translate Your Content for a B2B2C Approach

The internet has changed the way entire industries do business and engage with their customer bases. B2B companies are a prime example. Many companies are branching out from doing business exclusively with buyers and distributors, and at least 60% of manufacturers and wholesalers now leverage e-commerce platforms that let them sell directly to consumers, too. Adopting best practices from B2C helps B2B companies remain innovative and competitive. Engaging markets with “B2B2C” experiences online—such as transactional…