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The Future of the TV Analytics Market

Do you ever find that choosing the right solutions to maximise the output of your TV ad campaign is unnecessarily complicated? How do solutions align, do any overlap? When getting down to the nitty gritty of TV analytics, it can seem a little confusing. So, let’s break it down. When we talk about TV analytics today, with so many innovative analytics solutions available, it’s important to understand the difference between TV Buying Targeting Analysis and TV Business Impact Analysis. TV Business Impact Analysis TV…

AI in Documents: Where AI Makes the Most Impact in Business

We are witnessing unprecedented change in the way companies do business. Companies are finding new and imaginative ways to improve their business and customer interactions by employing transformative digital technologies. It’s how digital startups turned into industry behemoths such as Airbnb, Uber and Venmo. However, for established companies transitioning from old models of doing business to new ways fueled by innovative technologies is challenging for enterprise organizations. Replacing older legacy systems and…