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MarTech Interview with Tony Chen, CEO, Channel Factory

"There should also always be active ad fraud prevention in video that includes monitoring first-party creator data and channel traffic sources." Tell us about your role and journey into technology. How did you arrive at Channel Factory? In 2010, I was in the middle of completing my education at Rice University; double majoring in piano performance and economics. During that time, I launched Yellow Thunder Media, an agency specializing in viral Content Marketing that worked with most of the major movie studios. A year…

How Media Buyers Can Get More Bang from Their Influencer Video Buck

When Google reported that seven out of ten millennials relate more to YouTube influencers than traditional celebrities, they were foreshadowing the rise of Influencer Marketing. In the past two years, Influencer Marketing has become the fastest-growing customer acquisition method for brands. But in order to make the biggest splash, it’s best to think in terms of influencers as content producers rather than content distributors. Buying media against influencer audiences, instead of relying solely on the influencer’s reach,…