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Comviva Leverages HCE Technology to Power the SBI Card Pay Service

The New Service Will Deliver Swift, Seamless, Secure and Convenient Contactless Mobile Payments to Customers SBI Card has recently launched the SBI Card Pay service that enables customers to create a virtual card on their mobile phone for their physical Visa SBI credit card. The customers can now simply tap their mobile phone on a Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled point of sale (POS) terminal to make payments. Besides SBI Card app, the service is powered by Comviva’s HCE Module from its mobiquity® Banking suite, that…

2020 Mobile Tech Prediction: NFC Replaces Barcode Scanners at Events

Even if you have never heard of NFC, Near-field Communication, I guarantee you’ve experienced it. NFC is a technology that allows devices to exchange information by placing them next to one another. Smartphones use NFC to pass photos, contacts, or any other specified data between NFC-enabled devices.  It’s a simple, easy technology we use on a daily basis without realizing it.  Case in point:  Simply tap the pad on your hotel bedroom door to open it, jump on public transport after tapping the entry to a barrier; and even now…