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VPN Usage Rises by 180% due to Skyrocketing Streaming of Netflix as Online Communities Unite in Isolation

VPN services have been on the rise, bridging the gap between individuals and uniting them into online communities and "watch parties" on Netflix, nearly doubling the usage of virtual private networks compared to the pre-pandemic period. ZoogVPN, a freemium VPN service provider, has shared more insights on how the newly changed habits have affected our network dependency To combat the loneliness crisis, people have been gathering into various online communities and "watch parties" on Netflix to lessen the emotional stress…

The Case for Insights Communities – Empowering People, Progressing Brands

Technology has impacted virtually every facet of our lives – in the marketing world, it has fundamentally altered the relationship between brands and consumers. The balance of power has shifted, and consumers now expect far greater transparency from brands. Fortunately, technology not only heightens expectations; it also offers solutions. For marketers and research professionals, now is the time to consider an insights community: a collaborative, contemporary way to engage consumers and yield game-changing insights. An…