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FreakOut Acquires Playwire to Launch in the United States, Enters the World’s Largest Programmatic Market

FreakOut, the global marketing technology company, part of FreakOut Holdings , has announced its acquisition of Playwire, a global technology company headquartered in Florida that specializes in maximizing advertising monetization for publishers. Through this new alliance, FreakOut is set to deliver innovative and cutting-edge technology solutions, such as proprietary Complete Monetization Platform and Revenue Intelligence. The move will give FreakOut's clients bespoke access to a large inventory that is comprised of 450…

Playwire Launches New Complete Monetization Platform to Seamlessly Connect Publishers and Advertisers

All-Inclusive Digital Media Platform Debuts Along with New Dedicated Website Playwire, the largest online representation firm for reaching gaming and entertainment enthusiasts online, announced the creation of their Complete Monetization Platform (CMP), an all-inclusive solution for mid-market digital publishers. The platform combines brand-new features and technology along with a few legacy ones. The purpose of the Complete Monetization Platform is to connect publishers and advertisers through, what Playwire has…