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How Large Businesses Protecting Your Information Online

We live in the digital age where data is everything. If you think services like Facebook and LinkedIn are great because they’re free, think again. These companies gain a lot from the data they collect from us. It’s information worth millions of dollars they can sell to advertisers. But enough about that. Let’s talk about the services you’re actually paying to use. Do you know that businesses also hold information about you? From the moment you sign up, they are already collecting data about you. Data that they are…

UK Consumers Call for Harsher Fines, Citing Brands Going Seemingly Unpunished for GDPR-Breaches

GDPR may still cause heart palpitations to the marketers who, at this time last year, were scrambling to make the deadline. One year later the question begs to be asked: did GDPR increase the data privacy standard that consumers were promised? According to the new consumer research by Mailjet, Europe’s leading email service provider, the answer is a resounding 'NO'. A major component of GDPR was giving control back to the consumers on how brands used their data. That being said, new research reveals that 40% of the…