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A-Z Glossary For Good TV Marketing – Part 3

Wrapping up my manual of TV Marketing metrics – we kick off with digital and TV worlds merging. P – Programmatic TV Traditional ad slots were once bought and sold over the phone, but automated trading is increasingly the go-to. ‘Programmatic’ is an umbrella term for all ad inventory purchased via platforms such as DSPs (Demand Side Platforms). With PWC predicting that Programmatic TV will account for a third of global TV ad revenue by 2021, marketers can no longer afford to leave programmatic off the agenda. Programmatic…

Decoding The State of Programmatic Advertising and Ad Formats in 2018

In Our Latest Predictions Series 2018 Article, We Explore How the AdTech Companies Will Increasingly Seek to Create Value and Solve Industry Problems with Disruptive Technologies In 2018, brands are super-sensitive towards publishing anything that could be labeled as 'extremist' content. As advertising technology companies join together to fight against fraudulent ad inventory, amidst an already acknowledged disruption in the form of GDPR, we are slated to witness another dynamic year. "2017 was the year the entire…