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LiveRamp IdentityLink for RTB Sets New Benchmarks in Programmatic AdTech

This week, the leading provider of identity resolution service and data onboarding, LiveRamp, announced the availability of their IdentityLink for Real-Time Bidding (RTB). With the introduction of the IdentityLink for RTB, the Marketing Technology company could be leveraged to deliver free perpetual access to its scaled, people-based identifier. Here on, DSPs would leverage LiveRamp’s independent omnichannel identity graph to bid on digital advertising inventory. With this announcement, LiveRamp has opened its free access…

TechBytes with Maor Sadra, Managing Director and CRO, AppLift

Maor Sadra Managing Director and CRO, AppLift What is the ‘State of Data-driven App Marketing’ in 2018? Most B2B marketers and tech leaders find this a tricky question, and rightly so. With so much happening in the app industry, especially around mobile marketing and advertising in a mobile-first marketplace, B2B marketing teams are looking to blockchain technology for answers. To dive deeper into how blockchain technology could impact mobile advertising campaigns in 2018, we spoke to Maor Sadra, Managing Director and…