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One of These 21 Personalization Tools Will Boost Your Sales

Time and time again, the strategy that is driving business and seeing some of the most significant returns is personalization. Gartner predicts that e-commerce businesses that personalize successfully could see profits rise by up to 15% by 2020. Apart from the vision, strategy, and talent, you need the right tools; and much like a carpenter is crippled without a hammer, our modern business landscape is growing ever reliant on personalization engines. The goal of smart personalization is to make decisions easier and…

Reply is Launching The Biggest Catalog of Sales Tools

With over 450 Tools and Resources, the Catalog on Sales Tools Features 32 Granular Categories - from Lead Generation to Closing Deals Reply, a sales acceleration platform for SMB teams to automate one-to-one communication at scale, launched the biggest catalog of sales tools for SDRs, AEs, and Sales Leaders, with 450+ apps featured in 32 categories. The categories of the catalog feature tools and resources from lead generation and social selling to CRMs, cold calling apps, and helpful browser extensions. Moreover, it…