Reply is Launching The Biggest Catalog of Sales Tools

With over 450 Tools and Resources, the Catalog on Sales Tools Features 32 Granular Categories – from Lead Generation to Closing Deals Sales Tools Catalog Sales Tools Catalog

Reply, a sales acceleration platform for SMB teams to automate one-to-one communication at scale, launched the biggest catalog of sales tools for SDRs, AEs, and Sales Leaders, with 450+ apps featured in 32 categories. The categories of the catalog feature tools and resources from lead generation and social selling to CRMs, cold calling apps, and helpful browser extensions. Moreover, it also covers sales industry events and offers sales e-books and playbooks by industry experts.

There is no similar catalog on the web since the existing ones are either limited, outdated or don’t include the latest sales tools. One of the main benefits of the Sales Tools Catalog by Reply is that it is crowdsourced, meaning that everyone can submit missing apps to the catalog to keep it updated and relevant. Sales Tools Catalog Sales Tools Catalog

At the time of this announcement, Oleg Campbell, CEO and Founder of Reply, said, “We are happy to launch our Sales Tools Catalog for everyone. You can contribute to this list as well by suggesting a new tool right from the catalog page. Happy browsing!”

Reply is a sales acceleration platform for SMB teams, which automates one-to-many communication and scales cold outreach capability, while keeping it completely personal. 

“Very cool! I’ve tried to find something like this for ages but all the tools were either outdated or hard to navigate. I’ve already found a number of tools that I’m starting to use. Keep up the great work guys!”, said Aaron Krall, a free trial conversion specialist.

Currently, Reply takes care of outreach at scale for inbound, outbound, recruiting, account management, business development, new user trials or existing customers.

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